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Open Data Gets Moving

Transit agencies are on the move — opening up their GTFS transit feeds at a record pace. Through January, 107 transit agencies now provide open data — up 41% since the December launch of City-Go-Round, a nifty little site that promotes the virtues of open transit data and highlights the cool apps that civic-minded software developers have built using those data feeds.

While we love up-and-right pointing graphs, more than 650 other transit agencies are lacking open data, and we hope to see that change in 2010.

City-Go-Round contains a list, (lovingly called The Wall of Shame here at the office), of the 10 largest transit agencies without open data.

Amazingly, just since our launch, 4 of the original Top 10 agencies have gone Open Data, and of the 4 new ones that took their place, half of those opened up too. This leaves us with a new top 10 as we head into February:

There’s a Transit App for That

I’m happy to announce the launch of City-Go-Round, a new searchable directory of public transit apps and web sites. Type in your location and get back a list of all the transportation-related services that work for your city. Biking, walking, and driving apps are also included. Many more apps work if your city’s transit agency provides open data for their transit feeds.

We got plenty of help from Joe Hughes, who leads GTFS transit dev work at Google Maps, and Jehiah Czebotar at GTFS-Data-Exchange, a service to help developers and transit agencies efficiently share and retrieve GTFS data.

The goal is to encourage agencies to open up their data to civic software developers. And we think that making it easy for transit agencies to provide their riders with the benefits and innovations of open data apps will help overcome any barriers to unlocking their data.

What do you think? Are we crazy?