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Walk Score: Year in Review

Fun Facts from a remarkable year:

  • 10 million visitors spent 46 million minutes on Walk Score in the last year.
  • Daily traffic is up 291% since last January.
  • 1.3 million visits last month.
  • 46% of visitors are in the process of deciding where to live.
  • 11,000 petition signatures to increase America’s Walk Score.
  • 1,6oo signed petitions asking local transit agencies to open their GTFS data feed to sites like Walk Score.
  • 3,400 real estate web sites now use Walk Score Real Estate services, up 484% in 1 year.

2009 Product highlights:

  • Launched the Walk Score API – now serving 3 million scores/day to our real estate partners
  • Shipped our first Walk Score iPhone app with the help of some great volunteers.
  • Added public transit locations on Walk Score – our #1 customer request
  • Upgraded the Walk Score Tile (Walk Score in a widget) to include Google Street View and transit maps
  • Received a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for transit and other improvements
  • Compare Your Score – lets you see how you’re doing compared to others in your town
  • Walk Score Home Value Study – Joe Cortwright, economist for CEOs for Cities quantifies the financial value of a high Walk Score

Thanks to all of our supporters for your help. We look forward to a more walkable 2010.