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Fitbit Finder: A simple app that helps you find lost Fitbits

Personal activity trackers, like those made by Fitbit®, are popular devices for millions of consumers who want to lose weight, get more exercise, or simply improve their health. However, because activity trackers are sleek wearables, they’re also easy to lose, whether in the laundry, in the pocket of a gym bag or briefcase, or under the seat of a car. And once lost, they can be hard to find!


For all the Fitbit owners who will lose their activity trackers at some point, Fitbit Finder is a free iPhone 4S+ app for finding activity trackers that is simple and easy to use. Unlike existing hacker-oriented apps–that enumerate the cacophony of Bluetooth Smart (LE) devices in range, that just show an ever-changing, meaningless, and confusing negative RSSI value for each that you have to interpret and remember, and that display lots of mind-numbing gobbledygook, such as long, inscrutable UUID’s, hexadecimal numbers, timestamps to milliseconds, etc.–Fitbit Finder just lists nearby Fitbit activity trackers and guides you to them.

Give it a try, and tell your friends!